Remote Desktop

Windows Instructions

Step 1

Click here to download the AnyDesk Remote Desktop client in a new window. We recommend using Microsoft Edge. You can also manually type in the address below:

Step 2

You will be prompted to save the AnyDesk file to your computer. It will download to your 'Downloads' folder.


Save File

Step 3

Once downloaded, open the containing folder.


Open Folder

Step 4

Go to the red AnyDesk icon and right click on it - it will be in your Downloads folder.

Choose 'Run As Administrator' and accept the permissions when prompted.


Run As Admin
Windows UAC Prompt

Step 5

Locate your AnyDesk address on the screen after you run AnyDesk. This series of numbers is your password for this session.

After you give us your AnyDesk address number, click the Green Button to accept the remote connection.


AnyDesk Address